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Members: Mistafiss (Kenny Jones), Rosta Swan (Marcell Gadson), Digge Dom (Dominick Warren), and Ding-Ding (Douglas Francis)


Questionmark Asylum "Hey Lookaway" 1995 12"
Label: RCA

Notes: Original US pressing


A1 Hey Lookaway (LP Version) (4:21) Producer - Terrance Argrow
A2 Lookaway (Erick Sermon Remix) (4:04) Remix - Erick Sermon
A3 Hey Lookaway (Instrumental) (4:20) Producer - Terrance Argrow
B1 Hey Lookaway (A Cappella) (4:09)
B2 Lookaway (Erick Sermon A Cappella) (3:56)
B3 Got Dem Joints (LP Version) (4:59) Producer - Mistafiss

Questionmark Asylum "Get With You" 1995 12"
Label: Kaper Records

Runout: RDAB-64387-1-A/B + "SRC" signature
Notes: Original US promo pressing

A1 Get With You (Original Raio Edit) (4:18) Producer - Mistafiss
A2 Get With You (LG Mix) (4:55)
A3 Get With You (Original Acapella) (4:05)
A4 Get With You (LG Acapella) (4:55)
B1 I´D Rather Be With You (Original LP Veriosn) (4:23)
B2 I´D Rather Be With You (Original Instrumental) (4:23)
B3 I´D Rather Be With You (LG Instrumental) (4:23)

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