Mittwoch, Juni 06, 2007



Microphone Prince, The "Trunk Of Funk" 1994 12"
Label: Next Plateau Records Inc.

Runout: 697-120-019-1-A/B PL 494 + "MASTERED BY TRUTONE" signature

Notes: Original US promo-only pressing


A1 Trunk Of Funk (Marley Marl Vocal) (4:04) Remix - Marley Marl
A2 Trunk Of Funk (LP Version) (4:28)
B1 Trunk Of Funk (Instrumental) (4:04)
B2 Trunk Of Funk (Marley Cutappella) (3:40)
B3 Mr. Microphone (4:28) Producer - Master O.C. , Microphone Prince, The

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Jaz hat gesagt…

I can not tell you how much I would appreciate a full mp3 of the Trunk of Funk Marley Marl remix, I have been searching for years but have found nothing.