Freitag, Dezember 28, 2007

Todd Keith Maxwell a.k.a. T-MAX born in Boston, Massachusetts began performing since the age of 8, break dancing, beat boxing, lyric writing and rhyming. In 1991 T-MAX was signed to a major recording deal on Polydor Records but later switched to the independent label Damage Records, which was responsible for his most famous song, "Execution Style". His first solo 12" was a success, selling over 11,000 units and made the top 10 on CMJ (College Music Journal) music charts.


T-MAX "Execution Style 1996 12"
Label: Damage Records INC.

Runout: DAMRD-001-A/B
Notes: Original US promo-only pressing

A1 Execution Style (LP Version)
A2 Execution Style (Radio Edit)
B1 Execution Style (Instrumental)
B2 Executioan style (Dub)
B3 Execution Style (Acappella)

T-MAX "Relax Your Mind" 1996 12"
Label: Damage Records INC.

Runout: DAMRD-010-LP-A/B
Notes: Original US pressing
A1 Relax Your Mind (Radio)
A2 Relax Your Mind (Instrumental)
A3 Relax Your Mind (Acapella)
A4 Execution Style (Remix Radio)
B1 Business (Radio)
B2 Business (Instrumental)
B3 Execution Style (Radio Instrumental)


tHeMeLeK hat gesagt…

Thanks a lot, i did download those singles but i don't have the covers...thanks again.

tHeMeLeK hat gesagt…

Hey you know who produce this tracks ??

Booxbowm hat gesagt…

Hi I don´t, but I also would like to know. If you get that info by time please get back at me!
You should buy the singles, not download them ;-)

ecks-bogota hat gesagt…

i would love to buy 2 copies from every t-max 12''....damn life is sad

ecks-bogota hat gesagt…

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