Sonntag, Juli 29, 2007


Members: Deacon 'Da Villian', Kno & Mr. SOS (Mr. SOS was a part of the group from July of 2002 to October 2004)


CunninLynguists "Will Rap For Food" 2005 2xLP
Label: FreshChest
Runout: FCH 041 - 1A/1B/1C/1D G
Notes: US pressing

A1 Will Rap For Food - Producer: Kno
A2 Lynguistics - Producer: Kno
A3 Mic Like A Memory - Producer: Kno
A4 So Live! - Producer: Celph Titled
A5 Hey - Producer: Kno
A6 Fukinwichu - Producer: Kno
B1 Ain't No Way - Featuring Mr. SOS & Anetra - Producer: Kno
B2 Missing Children - Featuring Braille - Producer: Kno
B3 Midnight - Producer: Kno
B4Thugged Out Since Cub Scouts - Featuring J Bully & Mr. Raw - Producer: Kno
B5 Kno's Diggin' - Producer: Kno
C1 Half Animal - Producer: Kno
C2 Family Ties - Featuring: Cashmere the PRO - Producer: Kno
C3 Dirty South - Producer: Kno
C4 Mindstate - Producer: Kno
D1 Takin' the Loss - Featuring J. Bully - Producer: Kno
D2 Not Guilty - Producer: Kno
D3 616 Rewind - Featuring Tonedeff, Sankofa, Kashal-Tee & Celph Titled - Producer: Kno

CunninLynguists / Cashmere The Pro "Dirtay / Smoke Out" 12" 2004
Runout: FCH-025-1A/B + "THFM" & "J.Y." signatures
Notes: Original US pressing

A1 CunninLynguists - Dirtay (Radio) - Feat. Wordsworth & Rise
CunninLynguists - Dirtay (Dirtay) - Feat. Wordsworth & Rise
A3 CunninLynguists - Dirtay (Instrumental)
B1 Cashmere The PRO - Smokeout (Dirty)
Cashmere The PRO - Smokeout (Instrumental)


ral278 hat gesagt…

friend o' mine who's record-dealer got that but as a 1LP album n told me that this is the 1st pressing (design etc. is same as here). the 2LP was a later repress (official but repress)...any information bout that?
i got this as 2LP only as well so can't tell you more bout this 1-wax-release...

Booxbowm hat gesagt…

Aight...maybe you´re right Ral..should start a panel about this one! Thanks...

jakobscollection hat gesagt…

After some researching, I think you are right, look at wikipedia:
The record I got is released by FreshChest. It doesn't say the year "2005" anywhere on the cover, label or anything.
The record is still pretty rare since it's a promo. By the way, I bought it from CunninLynguists myself, at a show ;).
I will it change it to "US promo pressing"