Samstag, Januar 05, 2008

Just a little feedback....!

What´s up people...first of all I´d like to wish all of you a happy new year and I hope you had a nice and digginfull year 2007!

Ok...I run this blog for a while now and in the face of probably breaking the number of 50.000 visitors this month it came to my mind to do a short survey.
I know this place is kinda different, offering no full downloads like most other blogs but I know there´re cats out there who´re interested in the fact if they own an OG pressing or just the repress and how to spot the difference....maybe one third of the 50.000 visitors stop by and leaving after 5 sec. cause there´s no download ish...but c´mon what´s up with the left 30.000?
Cos since this sitemeter statistic stuff, everybody´s is able to follow up the daily visitors and visit lenghts...if you may have a look
I mean I´m just curious of people´s opinion about this place, because comments had been really and I mean really rare since I started this thing...but I know that´s the sad balance of many other blogs.
I´m aware that most of the records showed up here don´t have any sound snippets...that´s why I started to attach snippets since 4 months ago, but as you can guess it´s hard work and doesn´t make sense for all, already known records.
what I wanted to make clear is that I´m no kinda run-out groove junkie or something..the music behind comes always first and foremost...I´m also aware that for maybe 60% of all records showed up here, there are no bootlegs and reissues on the market...but this place should also be some kinda database for dope artists and I try to point at what´s available of these artists.

  • Is this place just useless and crazy?...(of course it is crazy
  • Does this spot could give the right information in some cases you we´re searching of?
  • Are there´re regulary, weekly visitors?

You know...I´m not trying to achieve some wack ass inet fame here or want to hear how great this site is...just some more interaction..not me posting record after record like a machine!
I would really appreciate some comments from you guys and of course I can take criticism but please reprieve me of people called Lil John or something dissin al over this place and take the easy way out.



KRISTHEGREEK hat gesagt…

i have always liked your blog, and the limited or no sound clips doesnt really bother me. i appreciate heads like you and alex at labelscans makin databases to fill in the cracks. i started to do the same but i realized that im too lazy =) keep up the good work.


Anonym hat gesagt…

I think your blog is "O.K.".
Nothing special since 95% is just generic stuff that you can hunt down for 5 bucks or a tener for max, no genuine diggin stuff. "Real music" would make it at least a lil more interesting though...

Booxbowm hat gesagt…

Hi Kris..I came across your KTG-DB blog and I wanted to mail you...but i couldn´t find any address to contact you. At the beginning I was really astonished that there are more people like Alex and me who are running such a blog.
Anyway...thanks for you comment and I would like to ask if you don´t want to join the dig it out blog?
In my mind this blog could get the more attractive the more people are working on it. The fact that you focused more on indy hip hop releases on your two blogs could give this blog a fresh breeze too.

There´s no obligation in it...if you got time you can upload some records..even if it´s just twice a month. Think about it


@anonym: thanks for your statement ....but I doubt that you could get 95% of the records postet on this blog for a max of 10$..Sure there is a lot of wax that fits more in the general category...but you shouldn´t forget the purpose of this blog. I don´t post a Showbiz & AG "Runaway Slave" Lp beacuse nobody ever heard of it, but to show the difference to the reissue.

The Architect Davey B hat gesagt…

I only discovered this blog within the last month and have bookmarked it since. I haven't come across any others like it. The high quality scans of OG cover art are useful information wise, not to mention the nostalgia factor they bring forth. I'm a big discogs user, but they don't provide the full scans like you do, nor are the scans high resolution so most of the time you can't read the labels.

Booxbowm hat gesagt…

Yeah Davey B...I think the high quality scans make this blog quite´was never in my mind to compete with discogs...I want to create a database in here providing high quality scans, tracklisting, information to differ between OG and repress and last but not least track snippets to give a foretaste for songs you maybe didn´t know by now.
These´re already two things that discogs doesn´t offer.

thanks for your comment Davey

Anonym hat gesagt…

keep doing the good work, i'm your regular visitor.

it would be cool if this site had more information about the reissues/bootlegs too. that would make comparison easier.
personally i don't need any soundclips at all, but maybe it's useful feature for some visitors. this site and (is there some others?) should unite to one strong database.

KRISTHEGREEK hat gesagt…

There's another db.. how could I forget about Werner Von Wallenrod? He's got some dope shit posted too. Here's his link >>

Booxbowm, I appreciate the offer, but like I said, I'm too lazy to even post on my own blogs! The real issue for me is that I am beginning to have less and less time for my internet fun, and in fact, I ended both blogs yesterday. I guess I could of left them up for info reasons, but nothing on either site was too difficult to find. And I'm still on VA, DWG, and discogs if anyone needs something answered about a record I posted. Thanks again for the offer though. It's nice to meet people with like minds. Much respect!


ral278 hat gesagt…

yo ben. count me as a weekly visitor-really like what'cha doin! discogs ain't that detailed as yours and the database you provide so far is really good. if u'd like more contributors I might help (mostly for indies but also lotta classix)...just holla!
cheers n big up

Booxbowm hat gesagt…

@Kris...never was just an offer ;-)
Sadly...I made the same experience regarding having time for this blog. I´m going to complete my study in about 5 you might guess what it´s all about...hrhr...See you at VA or DWG!

Anyway I would like to thank all visitors for stopping by and leaving a comment. That´s much appreciated.

@Ral..that would be dope as hell. Your indie knowledge could make this spot really more interesting. And like I already said...I don´t will have that much time in the near future regarding my completion of it would be pretty cool if you could keep running this blog. check your mails during the day